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LuminAR, a review

LuminAR, a review
LuminAR is a robotic mixed reality interface that evolves the concept of a desk lamp into a compact computing device transforming surfaces and objects into interactive augmented spaces.

Digital Natives – 3D printed glitch art

Digital Natives - 3D printed glitch art
Matthew Plummer-Fernandez is a digital artist experimenting with code, 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies. His latest set, Digital Natives, uses everyday items such as toys and bottles that are 3D scanned, creatively distorted and finally 3D printed. His objects will be on display at the 3D Printshow, London, Oct 19-22....

Emerging Technology for 2012 and beyond

Emerging Technology for 2012 and beyond
An infographics predicting the potential future of technology development until 2040 has won the Silver Award in the Infographic/Infodesign category at the Information Is Beautiful Awards 2012.

Griffin PowerMate USB Controller

Griffin PowerMate USB Controller
On the search for minimal and at the same time powerful tangible user interfaces I came across Griffin's PowerMate, a USB controller with programmable actions that works under Linux, OSX and Windows.

Monome – Minimalist Tangible Interfaces

Monome - Minimalist Tangible Interfaces
Monome is a small producer of handcrafted and beautifully designed tangible user interfaces since 2006. Their philosophy is to create simple and versatile tools designed for flexibility and produced with economic and ecological sustainability in mind.

Microsoft’s Future Vision – Productivity

Microsoft's Future Vision - Productivity
An inspiring video created by Egg Rock Pictures for Microsoft Office Labs shows Microsoft's future vision about user interfaces.