ICDSC 2012, the sixth edition of the ACM/IEEE International Conference on Distributed Smart Cameras will attract researchers from multiple fields such as computer vision, pervasive computing, embedded systems and sensor networks.

Technological developments in imaging, processing, and networking have created an opportunity for multi-disciplinary approaches to applications based on vision. The extensive availability and use of cameras in various application domains calls for the study of new embedded processing systems and algorithms. ICDSC

The conference program is available here (PDF).

Conference Topics

  • Smart camera and network architectures
  • Visual sensor networks
  • Distributed computer vision and fusion
  • Emerging applications and case studies

The Remote Presence editor’s top picks on papers:

  • Ahmed Nabil Belbachir and Manfred Mayerhofer: BiCa360: High‐speed Rotating Line Sensor for Real‐time 360° Panoramic Vision
  • Krishna Reddy Konda and Nicola Conci: Camera positioning for global and local coverage optimization
  • Simen Sægrov, Alexander Eichhorn, Jørgen Emerslund, Håkon Stensland, Carsten Griwodz, Dag Johansen and Pål Halvorsen: Bagadus: An Integrated System for Soccer Analysis (Demo)
  • Nyan Bo Bo, Sebastian Grünwedel, Peter Van Hese, Jorge Oswaldo Niño‐Castañeda, Dirk Van Haerenborgh, Dimitri Van Cauwelaert, Peter Veelaert and Wilfried Philips: Illumination‐robust Foreground Detection for Multi‐camera Occupancy Mapping (PhD Forum)