push.conference is a unique two-part event for the interactive field. push.ux connects designers and developers of outstanding user interfaces, while push.inspiration unites creative coders and designers experimenting with innovative technologies.

Speakers at push.ux

Philipp Sackl, envis precisely
Wolf Becvar, HotGloo
Christophe Stoll, precious
Fabian Hemmert, Design Research Lab
Stephan Durach, BMW
Sara Summers, Microsoft

Key facts

Conference: push.ux
Date: friday, 23. November 2012
Location: BMW Welt München
Tickets: already SOLD OUT

Speakers at push.inspiration

Kyle McDonald, New York
Julian Oliver, Berlin
Joachim Sauter, Berlin
Karsten Schmidt aka toxi, London
Moritz Stefaner, Bremen
Marius Watz, New York

Key facts

Conference: push.inspiration
Date: saturday, 24. November 2012
Location: Alte Kongresshalle München
Guests: ca. 600 visitors
Tickets (Regular): 99 EUR / student & startup discount available